I love this poem. I found it on Nanny Deprived and had to repost and share. Hope you enjoy!


2 Responses to A MOTHER’s POEM

  1. So scarily true. My children have turned me into a mad festering worry wart. Just like my mother and father. If only I understood that as a child. And if only my three could understand now???? If only….

    Following you now! Thanks for dancing on by my place! Please come back and leave a comment on my summer pic post to help me get into the finals! Have you entered?

    • Mom gone Mad says:

      Hi Jenn. Thanks for stopping by and liking my page! I’m new at this blogging thing, so it’s very exciting to get comments from other mommy bloggers. I think you’re actually my first that I didn’t know before hand! Woot woot! I’ll check out your summer pic post too! ;)

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