My oldest son is all boy. There’s no question about it. In fact Troy thinks he stripped my uterus out of all the testosterone so that when Jeff came along there was none left. He wears a “I heart BOOBIES” bracelet (it makes me cringe but hey it’s for a good cause). He has been pleading to go to HOOTERS for his 13th birthday (if anyone from CPS is reading this, I said no). And, he still fondly remembers the scene in the movie Airplane where a certain well endowed woman flashes her ta-tas front and center (it was PG so I thought it was a safe movie – what I didn’t realize, until it was obviously TOO LATE was that there was NO PG-13 back then). I know, Mom of the year award.
I’ve heard that boys who are not breast fed long enough end up having a boob obsession. So, I guess that would be my fault. But, maybe, just maybe, I’m the one obsessing, and he will cultivate other interests as he gets older. Just maybe, he won’t end up spending all his money in seedy joints stalking women with obscenely large ta-tas. Hey, don’t judge – we all have dreams for our kids. Mine just happens to be very basic right now.

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  1. Maybe… he”ll be a plastic surgeon! Or the person who cures breast cancer!!!

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