I was 20 minutes into my 45 minute drive to work when the panic hit. Where was my phone?…. Then the realization…OMG I forgot it at home. What the hell was I going to do? Turn around? Drive 20 minutes home and then another 45 minutes to work? Spending an hour and a half to get to work seemed crazy. But, how would I get through the day without my cell phone? I felt like I was actually missing a limb.
“Do you know how frigin ridiculous you sound” another part of me said. It didn’t stop… “Seriously? you can’t get through the day without your cell phone? That’s pathetic.”
The human race managed to get through thousands of years without cell phones, so, I decided to screw the cell phone and drove to work. I’m sure my world would come to a crashing halt at some point during the day without the cell, but I was not going to let my alter ego think I was pathetic. Duh…
Funny thing.
I actually survived the entire work day.
Which, made me think…..Have we come so far, that, with all these gadgets that improve our life, we become paralyzed when they’re suddenly not available? It almost makes it seem like we’re going backwards. We’re continually evolving technologically but can’t remember how to function on a daily basis without it all?
Yup, pretty pathetic.

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One Response to Sheer Panic

  1. I go through this panic almost every day.
    We’ve recently moved and decided to save money by not having a land line at our house, so our cellphones are our only form of direct contact. Realizing I forgot to turn the ringer back on AFTER its lost: mother of all anxiety attacks.
    Even worse: finding the phone and seeing I didn’t miss ONE call. Gah. #facepalm.

    By the way: Hi! Thanks for the twitter follow!

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