Last weekend it was my oldest son’s (Ben) birthday and he had a friend sleep over. The next morning my youngest son informed me he had a project due the next day at school. So, we raced to Michael’s to buy some supplies. Once I had gotten done paying for the items, I turned around and noticed Ben’s friend buying some candy. Then I overhead Jeff make a comment to him, and I couldn’t believe my ears. In noticing that Nio had paid for the candy himself, Jeff said “Wow….you paid for that yourself? In my world everything is free.” I looked at Ben and asked him if I heard right. Surely my son did not just say that. But, yes, Ben rolled his eyes and confirmed that was exactly what he said.

…. first though…..I’d like to live in Jeff’s world.

But, in the meantime, guess it’s time for chores and an allowance.

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  1. We do $1 for each year of their life, but then adapt for effort. Michael should be making $11/week, but since he “forgets” to do half on his chores every week and I have to remind him, and since he does some chores “halfway,” he gets $7. Jack gets $6, because he can’t seem to stop fighting about stuff when doing his chores.

    I’m thinking about giving them weekly spending money and not trying it to chores, so they will be helping around the house to help… and not get paid… but I’m not quite there yet.


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