1,121 days…..That’s how long it took me to get this website from a seed of an idea to up and running. And, as pathetic as that sounds…. had I not, literally, by a stroke of luck, been introduced to my friend Becca then lord knows how MUCH longer it would have actually taken!  So THANK YOU Becca for helping me get this ball rolling!

I came up with the name of this site when I was at the end of a failing marriage and feeling all the pressures that life has to offer with two young children. That’s when I came upon all the mommy blogs out there and started reading one called The Mommy Blog by Melinda Roberts. As my divorce pressed on I took solace in her blog and how she was able to weather her own divorce despite it feeling like everything was unraveling. Not having had any friends at the time who had been through divorce with kids, it was invaluable to me. There’s something about going through rough times and feeling like you’re not alone that gives you the courage to muck through.

So here I am three years later. I survived.      ….. but I think I’ve gone mad.  ;)

-Val (aka MOM GONE MAD)


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